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Join TruYOU:
Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

Welcome to Trugreen Cannabis, where your personalized cannabis journey begins with TruYOU. As part of our commitment to excellence and your satisfaction, we've designed a unique program through Truserve that opens the door to a world of tailored cannabis experiences.

Discover a Personalized Cannabis Journey

  • TruRoll (Coming Soon): Enjoy the luxury of custom rolling services. Our expert staff will craft your perfect roll according to your preferences, ensuring every puff is as you like.

  • TruScope (Coming Soon): Experience unmatched product quality with our specialized evaluation system. Every product is rigorously tested to meet our high standards, providing the best the cannabis world offers.

  • TruDeliver: Convenience redefined. Get your favourite cannabis products delivered fast and hassle-free to your doorstep in Cumberland, Courtenay, and Mount Washington.

  • TruYou: Embark on a personalized cannabis mocktail journey. We listen, learn, and recommend, aiming to align your cannabis experience with your preferences and needs.

Truyou: Your First Step Towards a Tailored Cannabis Journey

Ready to Begin?

Catering to Your Every Need:

Be the first to know about our events lineup at our

Al Fresco Cannabis Lounge and get advance notice of private booking availability. Indulge in exquisite infused cuisine, explore innovative vapes and dabs at our Dab Bar, or discover the artistry of local handmade glass. With the Al Fresco Cannabis Lounge experience, your cannabis journey is elevated to new heights.

Join us on this remarkable journey. Sign up for Truyou today and transform your cannabis experience into one that's genuinely yours. Welcome to a world where quality, education, and personalized care create unparalleled cannabis experiences.

Dive Deep Into Your Preferences

Our Rest, Ease, Elevate, and Balance training ensures our team can guide you through cannabis exploration, tailoring recommendations to fit your unique lifestyle and preferences.


Upon signing up for Truyou, we'll gently guide you through a selection process, considering your preferences, experiences, and desired outcomes. Whether you seek relaxation, elevation, relief, or a unique culinary experience, Truyou is your gateway to a cannabis experience that's just right for you.

Welcome to TruYOU

Thanks for registering for TruYOU!

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