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Trugreen Athlete Program

Elevating Athletic Excellence in Cumberland, BC

At Trugreen, we understand the unique needs of athletes seeking to enhance their performance, recovery, and overall wellness through the mindful use of cannabis. Nestled in the heart of Cumberland, BC, steps away from the adventurous terrains of Mt. Washington, our dispensary is your premier destination for cannabis solutions tailored to the dynamic lifestyle of skiers, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Personalized Cannabis Consultations for Athletes

Discover your full athletic potential with a comprehensive cannabis consultation. We specifically tailor our sessions to meet the needs of athletes like you. Our expert-guided consultations will help you identify the cannabis products that are best suited for your performance goals and recovery needs. Whether you need CBD-rich formulations for game day or THC options for rest days, we'll provide you with personalized recommendations for your desired effect.

 Dive deeper into how cannabis can complement your training regimen and recovery process. Schedule a personalized consultation today.

Curated Cannabis Selection for Peak Performance

Explore our meticulously curated selection of cannabis products, recommended specifically for athletes. Whether you're looking to enhance your pre-workout focus, recover more efficiently post-exercise, or enjoy a well-deserved rest day, our diverse range caters to every aspect of your athletic journey.

Discover the perfect cannabis companion for your athletic endeavours. Browse our athlete-focused selections now.

Al Fresco Cannabis Lounge:
Your Post-Adventure Retreat

Indulge in a serene atmosphere at our Al Fresco Lounge after an adventurous day on Mt. Washington or the winding bike trails of Cumberland. Our outdoor lounge is designed for the après-ski and bike community, providing a refined space to unwind, reflect, and connect with fellow athletes over premium cannabis. Enjoy the fusion of luxury and nature, and make your post-adventure cooldown an integral part of your wellness routine.

Located in the vibrant heart of Cumberland, BC, Trugreen is a cornerstone of athletic excellence and community connection. Join us to explore how cannabis can elevate your athletic performance, recovery, and leisure time amidst the stunning backdrop of Mt. Washington and the rich cultural hub of Cumberland.

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